• Evolution of locations, from 1-4. First, a relatively crappy film that we shot in 48 hours behind my house in an alley. No planning, no professionalism. Second,a small but well-planned., location-scouted mini shoot with 2 crew and 2 cast that we shot on an amazing cliff in Palos Verdes, no permit. Third, a location I actually got from being persistent and nice, for my film "Terminated"; it's a huge cubicle array and we had permission from the department that managed this space. Fourth, a location from my most recent film "All I Want Is Silence" - a complete result of blind luck, but I spent 4 days location scouting in order to have this blind luck happen to me - also, with official permission from the owner.

    How to Make Your First Serious Short Film – at UC Berkeley or Anywhere Else: Bootstrapping

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  • A collection of Facebook Group Messages. As you can see, with the 1st AD and 2nd AD alone, I wrote about 350 messages back and forth. I would estimate that there was 1000+ messages for the entire film.

    Getting Chaplin’s Film Crew Together – in a World of Theory @ UC Berkeley

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  • Location Scouting in Niles, CA: The Essenay Silent Film Museum

    Location Scouting and Writing for a Chaplin-inspired Short Film at Berkeley

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  • The Cal Film RUB: Filmmaking Resources at UC Berkeley

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  • FILM LTK – Filmmaking Links, Tutorials & Knowledge (2013)

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  • A Mind Map I drew in order to figure out if I wanted to pursue the O1 Visa Application or go to UC Berkeley for two years.

    What the Hell Happened between Summer 2012 and Spring 2013?

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  • 2012 Cinematography Reel

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  • A Very Quick Introduction

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